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We work in all over Somaliland (Awdal, Maroodi-jeeh, Sahil, Togdher, Sool and Sanag) and Somalia (South central and Puntland), each with their complex social challenges. We have two offices in the region, the head office is in Hargeisa and a field...

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TRAINING COURSE 2019 – Research Methodology

Social Research and Development Institute (SORADI) offers a high-quality course on Social Research which is grounded in the Somaliland context. This five-week long course is designed to accommodate both the adult trainee's and student time...

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Advancing democracy in the horn

Democratization, Research, Third Party Monitoring

Innovative Research Institute

  • SORADI is an independent social research and development institute, with the aim of fostering a culture of democracy and sustainable development in Somaliland and in the Horn of Africa Region.
  • SORADI is recognised as a centre of quality research, a hub of scholarly innovation and entrepreneurship, and an agent for the transfer of knowledge and harbinger of the democratic culture in the region. Its mission is to carry out activities that promote the democratisation and socio-economic development of Somaliland and the East-Horn African region.

Years Established

Completed Projects

For me SORADI is born to serve as a platform and vehicle of change for the ideas and efforts of diverse individuals and groups of the Somaliland society who share the unwavering commitment  to realise the aspiration of its people to build a democratic state, anchored in social justice, the rule of law and pursuit of prosperous present and future for its citizens.

Mohamed Fadal

Voice of the voiceless

The project attempted to tackle demand and supply side challenges to accountability: on the one side, working with rights holders to raise awareness and demand for accountability at city and neighbourhood levels. On the other side, building the capacity of duty bearers to better deliver services by training local council staff over a three-week period.

The study captures the views and reflections of more than twenty individuals involved in the project, and what they learnt in this journey towards strengthening accountability.

The Voice of the Voiceless Policy Brief summarises the findings from an IAAAP-commissioned case study of a pilot project to strengthen accountability within Hargeisa Local Council (HLC);

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