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Females & Minorities are winning their seats in the decision making process in Somaliland

In Somaliland women’s experience over the last twenty years has shown that one of the surest ways to increase women’s political participation and representation is the gender quota. Electoral gender quotas are defined here as an equality policy measure, the aim of which is to rapidly change an unwanted under-representation of women in the political institutions. The quota is also regarded as a key to promote women-friendly policies within other areas of women’s civil, social, and economic rights.

Building Women’s And Men’s equal participation in governance procedures is very important for sustaining inclusive and effective governance in Somaliland. As a developing society, it is very essential to recognize that female political influence will promote the growth of our democratic institutions and improve our social wellbeing.

In 2018, Muse Bihi Abdi and his cabinet in attendance approved to allocate a quota for women and minorities of 20 % for the upcoming parliament and local councils’ election.

Minorities and women in Somaliland are hoping to finally have their voices heard and be included in the discussion. This is the first government to create quotas for women. 18 of the 82 seats will be reserved for women only, Somaliland is in a period of change where the challenges are still present but the government has taken the first step by empowering females and minorities in our community.