Social Research and Development Institute (SORADI) is an independent Social Research and Development Institute, created in 2007 by elite group of professionals and academicians with the aim to bridge research, information and knowledge gap for sustainable development. Accordingly, since its creation SORADI has dedicated itself to advance democratization, accountability, climate change resilience research and development in Somaliland and in the Horn region at large, through; applied research, capacity development trainings, public debate conferences, knowledge dissemination and vibrant Civil Society engagement as well as MEAL and Third Party Monitoring of development programs. SORADI is recognized as a center of quality research, a hub of scholarly innovation and entrepreneurship, and an agent of knowledge transfer and harbinger of the democratic governance, climate change and development solutions in the Horn region.

Our Vision​

SORADI’s vision is a democratic, inclusive, climate sustainable and just Horn of Africa where people live with dignity, secured livelihoods and sustainable environment.

Our Mission

SORADI strives to make a lasting difference by offering clients to an excellent participatory research and programming, context analysis, facilitate transfer of knowledge, foster and promote democratization and sustainable socio-economic development solutions.

Core Values​

To accomplish its mission and vision, SORADI work is inspired and upholds the below listed values: Impact: we envision to create a lasting impacts and solutions, our comprehensive approach bridges immediate solutions to the future desires ends.

We have an unwavering desire to provide the highest quality technical and professional service and standards to our clients, colleagues and communities we work.

Responsible partnership

we are accountable to our clients, our colleagues, and the communities where we work. We bring together people from diverse backgrounds and adopt an inclusive and partnering approach of work.


we uncompromisingly uphold to all civility and ethical behavior, honest and equitable conduct.

Creativity and Innovation

we strive in finding new ways to create value through innovative thinking, learning, context appropriateness, technology, and better ways of working.


SORADI is officially registered with the Ministries of National Planning and Coordination of Somaliland and Somalia and has its HQ at Hargeisa but operates throughout the region, our teams travel to all corners and communities to conduct research, implement project activities and to monitor and verify interventions.