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Developing platform for dialogue

By hosting public debate forums, workshops and conferences and dispensing relevant trainings, we build societal capacities for participatory democratic governance and empower the decision-makers of tomorrow

For a Long Lasting Change 

SORADI aims to develop and execute Capacity Building projects/activities to empower people, local communities and Somaliland government to strengthen their capabilities to develop local government, implement local service provision and maintain enabling environment. Find out about the scope and areas of training programmes.



To enhance people’s opportunities and capabilities to make the right choices and to act upon them to attain desired outcomes.

Desired development impact

Aiming at the improvement of the social and economic welfare of people and the sustainable growth of national human, social and economic capital.


Improving Local governance

Improving the way authority is organized, legitimated, and employed by and on behalf of local people through planning, decision-making, and accountability processes. In this regard local governance refers not only to local governments and other public-sector agencies but also to a variety of community and civil society institutions by which people organize to act collectively.

Enabling External support

Building the capacities of civic bodies, non-governmental and community-based organizations by facilitating access to external input, for project funding, training, technical assistance, and information.

Local service provision systems

Build the systems and capacities of relevant local public institutions for accountable public officials and effective services delivery.