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Development oriented research

Bridging the gap between government and the public.


For a better understanding

SORADI undertakes activities that include carrying out high quality policy and development-oriented research, the creation and maintenance of inter- and intra-institutional networks and platforms for dialogue, as well as conducting knowledge management and dissemination activities such as workshops, a web-based information and National Conferences.

Social Research focuses on the understanding of the social issues in Somaliland and the wider sub-region, among the topics addressed in SORADI’s research are:

  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion,
  • Citizen Participation in the Democratization Process of Somaliland
  • Understanding and Managing Social Conflict
  • Social Accountability
  • Media Rights and Responsibilities
  • Role of the Civil Society and its Relationship with the State

Research is needed to help us understand the Somaliland, as well as, the sub-regional context. The knowledge we create through research is then used to come up with solutions to problems we face. We need to find the right ways of doing things – it’s also important to learn the wrong ways of doing things! So that we would not attempt those and waste our time.