Our team

SORADI bring together a network of specialist experts, who contribute their experience, context familiarity and know-how, where and when it is needed. Our core team of staff and technical experts, commits the quality of delivery and high ethical standards that we and our clients require. SORADI has also access to a multi-disciplinary team of consultants who are leading expertise in respective areas with solid context understanding the Horn of Africa Region.

Pillars of Services

SORADI establishes six areas or pillars of service in which it specializes and establish an expertise and competence of excellence performance, these are;


Research, impact assessment and evaluations.


Culture and communication for development.


Climate change research and environmental studies.


Capacity building and institutional development.


Program performance monitoring & quality assurance.


Institutionalization of Good Governance, Inclusion and Gender Empowerment.

Networks and Relationships

SORADI has a respected working relationship with the authorities of Somaliland (and other regions in Somalia) both the Central and regional levels that ease its delivery and fulfilling its contractual obligations. SORADI has a wide network of affiliates and partner’s organizations included UN agencies, International Organizations, Donor Agencies, Universities and Academic Institutions, as well as locally working institutions that work on a range of development programs. In addition SORADI maintains its active member-ship to Non- State Actors Forum SONSAF, Somalia NGOs consortium and other technical and specialized forums and consortiums.