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Project Design Training

Certificate in Project Design Using Log Frame Approach

About the Course

Project design is one of the critical phases in the project life cycle. How successful a project becomes will largely depend on how well it was designed. This course provides the skills on the Logical Framework Approach (LFA), the method used to achieve high quality project standards. The participants will learn about the concepts underlying the Logical Framework approach and the main steps in the application of this method. The course introduces the participants to a structured way of linking the objectives of the project to the needs of the stakeholders and identifying strategies to provide the desired results.

Target Participants

This course is strongly recommended for all persons involved in any aspect of projects, from planning, implementation and monitoring & evaluation.

The course is especially designed for:

  • All individuals interested to further their career in project management
  • Project team members, project managers, and managers of project managers who are looking to establish a solid command of project management concepts and techniques
  • Experienced project managers who are looking to formalize their project management knowledge and sharpen their current skill sets

Course duration

Online                          8 days

Classroom-based          6 days

Course Fees and Payment

The course costs

  • For Online: 35 USD
  • For Classroom: 40 USD

Use the following Accounts to pay for your fees

  1. ZAAD: 430905 [SORADI]


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be issued with a certificate.

Course learning outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Describe the log frame approach, its purpose and limitations
  • Analyze stakeholders needs essential for project planning
  • Carry out problems analysis using problem trees
  • Carry out objectives analysis using solutions trees
  • How to write SMART objectives and consider indicators
  • Develop a robust log-frame with all the key project design elements
  • Apply vertical and horizontal logic to a log frame matrix 

Career Development

This course will advance your career development and give you an edge in your pursuit of your current and future positions in private sector companies, government institutions, NGOs, UN and other International organizations.

Application Process and Timelines

To apply for the course please send an email to: arazak@soradi.org or info@soradi.org or

call: +252 63 6353031

The course starts on10th of December 2020. You will attend classes three days a week (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) from 5Pm to 8PM.

The course offers :

Intensive, two week long course designed to accommodate time schedule for both adult trainees and students.
The course will be delivered through lectures, seminars, working groups and field assignments.
The course will be delivered by leading field experts – academics, researchers and development practitioners.


For any inquiries please contact : Yahye Abdi Muse
Email: Yahyeam@soradi.org or call +252634771984