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Challenge of democratization – Immersion in Somaliland Elections Experience : The role of the Independent Scholars Group

The Independent Scholar’s Group: the Voice of the Civil Society
The ISG known as the “Aqoonyahanka Madaxabanaan” appeared in Somaliland at an opportune moment to fill a gap in the role of the organized civil society, the intellectuals and other professional elite in actively the political development processes of the country. The name, both its English and Somali versions, for some people sounded pretentious: “scholars” and “aqoonyahan”, and raised questions as to who qualified the members to acquire such lofty titles. There is logic in such questioning, but the fact of the matter is, the name was never debated and the group were more into addressing the issues at hand then taking time to find a name for their voluntary association. I take responsibility when judging the choice of the name and I took it for lack of a better one. A more important question though is why the need for the Group to come together and at that particular time?

Dr Mohamed Fadal


Dr. Mohamed Osman Fadal is the Board Chair of Social Research and Development Institute (SORADI) and the coordinator of the Independent Scholars Group in Somaliland.. He holds a PhD in Political Economy. He is a specialist in participatory research and post-confl ict recovery programming, public policy and institutional development, especially in the contexts of Somaliland and Sudan.