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Civic and Voter Education

For democratization to take root in Somaliland, its citizens need to be empowerment to understand their rights and responsibilities. In this paper Abdi Ahmed describes how civic and voter education are vital to democracy and good governance and institutionalizing free and fair elections.

Abdi Ahmed Nour (Gurey)


“Abdi Ahmed Nour, is current DG of Ministry of Interior. He was a Training Offi cer for Th e Forum for Peace and Governance (FOPAG), a member of the Somaliland Independent Scholars Group (ISG) and a Board Member of the Academy for Peace and Development (APD). He was formerly a Lecturer on World history in Somali National University (1987-1990), a member of the Somaliland House of Elders (1993-1997), a Civic education trainer for the Life and Peace Institute (1998-2001), and a lecturer in Confl ict Resolution at the University Of Hargeysa (2002-2007).”