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Free and Fair Elections and the Role of International Civil Society Observers

Since Somaliland’s first district elections in 2002, the international NGO Progressio has played an important supportive role by organising and facilitating international election observers. In this article Dr Adan Abokor and Steve Kibble reflect on the role and contribution of international observers to the elections in Somaliland. The authors also comment on some of the political challenges that Somaliland faces in establishing a democratic system that draws on indigenous and modern practices of governance.

Adan Yusuf Abokor & Steve Kibble


“Dr Adan Yusuf Abokor is the Progressio Somaliland Country Representative. Progressio is a technical assistance organisation which supports civil society organisations in the areas of participation & governance, HIV and AIDS and sustainable environment. Dr. Adan was the counterpart for the coordination of IEOs for Somaliland parliamentary and presidential elections.

Dr. Steve Kibble is the Progressio policy and advocacy coordinator for Africa, Middle East & Asia (AMEA) region. Currently he is committ ed and strongly advocate for Somaliland as a member of the Somaliland Focus (UK). He also played an important role in the joint coordinating team of IEOs during the Somaliland parliamentary and presidential elections