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In Search of a Suitable Quota System for Somaliland Women: Access to the Policy and Decision Making Arenas of Their Country

Somaliland women continue to be marginalized from the decision making process since the inception of their new state in 1991, albeit major efforts by the women activists supported lately by international and regional groups as well as progressive men among all walks of the Somaliland society. Despite their profound role in peace making during the civil wars in Burao (1991) and Berbera (1992) women were denied the opportunity to participate in the peace conferences in Sheikh (1991) and Borama (1993). Consequently some women activists organized women groups in order to raise their awareness so that they can fight for their rights. Among these groups were Advancement of Somaliland Women Association (ASWA) and Allah Amin Women Association which were both established in 1992. Many other groups followed suit in the following years.

Zeinab Yusuf H Adan