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Lessons from Somaliland 2nd Local Council Election: My Field Experience

This election had two equally heavy objectives: a) Election of the Local Councilors b) Qualification of National Political Parties
There was a lapse of nine years and seven months between the first Local Council election which took place in December 7, 2002 and this last one held on 28 November 2012. During the major part of that period, especially in 2007-2010, both the society and its Governments were wrestling with the realization of the second Presidential election and have by choice turned their attention away from the Local Council one in an attempt to circumvent the myriad of issues to address before it is accomplished. Having successfully crossed that first critical milestone of electing a President on 26 June 2010, the eyes of the nation turned to the long overdue Local Councils Election and with it the highly charged issue of whether the existing three national political parties had a monopoly to compete for national seats or the political space has to be opened for new political parties.

Dr. Mohamed Fadal


Dr. Mohamed Osman Fadal is the Board Chair of Social Research and Development Institute (SORA DI) and the coordinator of the Independent Scholars Group in Somaliland.. He holds a PhD in Political Economy. He is a specialist in participatory research and post-confl ict recovery programming, public policy and institutional development, especially in the contexts of Somaliland and Sudan.