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Organizing Elections in Somaliland

Since 2002, people in Somaliland have held a succession of elections that have been conducted peacefully and have been judged by international and domestic observers as generally ‘free and fair’. Much credit for the success of the elections must go to the National Electoral Commission, the body charged with organizing and overseeing the conduct of the elections. In this article Shukri Haji Bandere, a Commissioner in Somaliland’s first Electoral Commission, describes some of the challenges of managing the elections and identifies some lessons that need to be absorbed for the conduct of future elections.

Shukri Haji Bandere


“Current Minister of Environment, Former NEC Member. Shukri Haji Bandere, was the Director of the NGO Candlelight since it was founded in 1995. She served as an Election Commissioner in Somaliland 2001-2007, is an active member of the Somaliland Independent Scholars Group and other civic organizations such as NAGAAD. She is trained in midwifery profession and majored in Business/Hotel