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Somaliland: An Early Warning to Manage the Politics of “Oil Economy” and Opportunities to learn from the Available Wealth of Global Experience.

After independence, the Somaliland people did not inherit any significant development infrastructure or any other economic sectors from the colonial rule. The colonial authorities found them as nomads and left them still predominantly nomadic, because they needed their product raw and undeveloped – meat. The Somaliland economy has always been meat-rich and still is. Obviously, the livestock imports were useful for them on the hoof, to be slaughtered fresh in Aden, the major base of the British forces in the region, and subsequently in the oil-rich Gulf countries.

Dr. Mohamed Fadal


Dr. Mohamed Osman Fadal is the Board Chair of Social Research and Development Institute (SORA DI) and the coordinator of the Independent Scholars Group in Somaliland.. He holds a PhD in Political Economy. He is a specialist in participatory research and post-confl ict recovery programming, public policy and institutional development, especially in the contexts of Somaliland and Sudan.