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The Salient Role of Youth in Somaliland Development

Being in the Horn of Africa, Somaliland is a country that emerged from the ashes of total demolition, instability, and annihilation of its state infrastructure. Somaliland has restored its independence and statehood to secede from the union with Somalia, which was established on 1st of July 1960. It is now functioning for over two decades as a separate state with an administration based upon a hybrid system of modern government and the Somali tradition and its religious heritage. The freedom, reconstruction, and state-building process of the restored nation-state of Somaliland was inclusively partaken by the country’s youth, men and women, old and young. The traditional and religious leaders were also taking the lead in its formative days.

Saeed M. Ahmed

Executive Director of Somaliland National Youth Organization

A junior researcher and youth activist and junior researcher