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The Somali Talks and the Somaliland Case

Somaliland has an area of 137,600 km and a population estimated to be three-and -half million. The territory known as the British Protectorate of Somaliland was under the rule of Great Britain from 1884 to 26 June, 1960, when it became independent. The interest of the British in the territory was primarily to secure supply of meat for its garrison in Aden and to pre-empt ambitions of other competing Europeans powers such as the French and the Italians as well as the Ethiopian Emperor Menelik, who was also acquiring territories in the Somali region (ICG: 2003-2). The British secured its interest by signing treaties with local inhabitant clans including: Warsangeli, Dhulbahante, Isse, Gadabursi, Habar Garhajis, Habar Awal and Habar Tol J’lo (Lewis: 1965-35).

Ismail Laddaf

Independent Analyst