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Our publications

We have a variety of books, journal, policy briefs and reports that we hope will help you understand the challenges of this environment.

Challenge of democratization – Immersion in Somaliland Elections Experience : The role of the Independent Scholars Group

Understanding the Hargeisa Local Council System

Voice of the voiceless

Book Review of Somaliland and International Criminal Justice: International Prosecution Against the Siyad Barre Regime

In Search of a suitable Quota System for Somaliland Women: Access to the Policy and Decision Making Arenas of Their Country

Lessons from Somaliland 2nd Local Council Election: My Field Experience

A Critique of UNSOM’s approach to Somaliland: Politicizing AID and Development Assistance

Freedom of Press and Democratization in Somaliland: Promises and Challenges

Exercising the code of conduct during the electionss: The case of the Somaliland Media

Somaliland Forever

Challenges facing Somaliland Universities to offer Journalism Studies Program

Somaliland Media and the Role of Diaspora

The Quest for Free Press and Expression in Africa: Identifying the Lessons and Challenges and Lessons that can be Learned from Somaliland

Media Industry in Somaliland: The Current Practice and its law and other regulatory Frameworks

The Salient Role of Youth in Somaliland Development

Somaliland: An Early Warning to Manage the Politics of “Oil Economy” and Opportunities to learn from the Available Wealth of Global Experience.

The Role of Remittance in the Economic Development of Somaliland

Somaliland Independence and Union experience

The Somali Talks and the Somaliland Case

Lack of Recognition: A Blessing in Disguise?

Challenges to Somaliland Independence

Legal Aspects of Somaliland Case in the New Engagement Policy with Somalia

Overcoming Diplomatic Isolation: Forging a New Somaliland Approach

Somaliland’s Major Environmental Challenges

A Gap in the Somaliland Constitutional Process: Reform of the Guurti House

The House of Elders: Where Modernity Meets Tradition

The Saga of the Pursuit of Women’s Quota in Somaliland 

Level of Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment in Somaliland

Indigenous Forms and External Interventions in a Somali Context

Supporting Local Peace Building and Access to Justice: Traditional Leaders as Drivers for Change?

Opening the Political Space: A Landmark Decision by the President and a Boost for Somaliland Democratic Process

Lessons from Somaliland’s 2010 Presidential Elections: What Democratic Spaces, What Opportunities?

Public Perception of Local Councils in Somaliland

An Analysis of the Constitutional Court of Somaliland

Traditional Institutions in modern governance: the House of Elders

Local Council Elections: Somaliland’s Experience

Swimming Against the Current: A Women’s Experience in running for the First Somaliland Parliament Elections in 2005

Free and Fair Elections and the Role of International Civil Society Observers

Civic and Voter Education

Organizing Elections in Somaliland

Somaliland Elections: A Growing Ownership and Experience

Somaliland’s Political Culture: Challenges to democracy

Kenya’s Post-election Conflict: Some Lessons for Somaliland