Third Party Monitoring (TPM)

Third Party Monitoring and Verifications

SORADI is a leading Third-Party Monitoring organization in several USAID and DFID M&E Programs in Partnership with IBTCI:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Program for Somalia-USAID- (MEPS) 2011-2014.
  • Somalia Program Support Services -USAID-(SPSS): 2014- 2019
  • Somalia Monitoring Program- DFID- SMPII: July 2013- March 2016
  • Somalia Monitoring Project (SMP)- USAID- OFDA/FFP: November 2014—October 2017
  • Somalia Monitoring and Learning Project (SMLP)- USAID- OFDA/FFP: January 2018 through August 2020

In Partnership with IBTCI SORADI is involved in the verification and Monitoring of USAID and DFID funded projects Implemented by their IPs. These projects include: The Transitional Initiative for Stabilization (TIS& TIS+), MS-SEEDS& MC-SYLI, and Partnership for Economic Growth (PEG), SSG, SCORE, STORRE, Food for Peace (FFP) and OFDA Projects in Sool and Sanaag as well as other regions. These include other USAID and DFID funded projects implemented by Danish Refugee Council, Danish Demining Group, UNDP, UNICEF, UNCDF, UNFPA, UN-Habitat, ILO, FCA and others. SORADI is knowledgeable with the local security and political context to undertake it is work.


Within the course of 7 years in doing Third Party Monitoring and verification, SORADI has verified more than 1000 activities/sites implemented by different USAID and DFID partners ranging from agricultural activities, construction, rehabilitation and procurement of Schools, technical assistances/MIDA to government institutions, tenders and bid openings, cash for work, cash relief, emergencies, food etc. These projects are located in almost all the Somaliland regions and their environs (Mainly in Hargeisa, Burao, Borama, Berbera, Lasanod and Erigavo.)

SORADI has a pool of qualified M&E experts both Senior and Junior to undertake its M&E missions for clients.  The personnel of SORADI are capable and qualified for the work the Organization is doing. SORADI has the capacity to train and scale up its personnel and consultants to meet the requested demand for M&E services through its affiliation with universities and research institutions and diaspora networks.

In the Third Party Monitoring work for USAID and DFID projects SORADI conducts on-site visits in identified/prioritized activity areas of implementing partners. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods to garner feedback from stakeholders and beneficiaries of activities. We employ latest technology for data collection and information management using tablets and mobiles for data collection.

SORADI provides ongoing and intense training and quality control support to its staff to ensure that quality, integrity, highly transparent and consultative processes are adhered to throughout, with staff committing to a strict code of conduct and high level of professionalism that their mission demands. In that regard, SORADI has remained an exemplary partner setting the standard for other TPMs in Somalia to follow. SORADI has mentored other TPM monitors in most parts of Somalia.

For further Information please contact our Monitoring, Verification and Reporting Manager Khadar Osman E-mail:, Tel: +252634425676