Who we are

Advancing Democracy in the Horn

SORADI is an independent Social Research and Development Institute, created in 2007 by a group of professionals and academicians. Since its creation SORADI has dedicated itself to advance democratization and development in Somaliland and in the Horn of Africa through applied research, development and promotion of public debate by a mobilized and vibrant Civil Society and Third-Party Monitoring of development programmes. It filled a gap formed in the absence of a common civil society voice and role in the national public debate for democratization and good governance, especially when it spearheaded the formation of the Independent Scholars Group (ISG), an informal group of influential civil society figures in Somaliland, who helped to mitigate the recurrent failings of the democratization process (esp. when the elections were postponed a number of times 2008 through 2015).

Our Mission

SORADI’s mission is to promote democratization and socio-economic development of the Somali people in the Horn and East Africa Region. The institute is expected to undertake participatory research and programming. These activities are aimed to lead to collaboration and linkage between Diaspora and local research and development institutions, government entities, NGOs and the private sector to facilitate transfer of knowledge to foster democratization and development processes in Somaliland and in the region.

Our Vision

SORADI is recognized as a center of quality research, a hub of scholarly innovation and entrepreneurship, and an agent of transfer of knowledge and harbinger of the democratic culture in the region. Its vision is a democratic Somaliland where people live with dignity and secured livelihoods.

SORADI is officially registered with the Ministry of National Planning and Coordination in Somaliland and with the Federal Ministry of Interior in Mogadhishu. The organization operated in all regions of Somaliland and works with other partners in rest of Somalia. its teams travel to all corners and communities to implement project activities or to monitor and verify USAID and DFID funded projects. Our partner organization the IBTCI can attest to that. SORADI is in the process of establishing a liaison office in Nairobi.